Henna Tattooing

What is henna tattooing? Henna tattooing is a form of temporary body decoration similar in appearance to a tattoo and it last on the skin from 7 to 10 days. Henna tattoos are becoming very popular, for many people, committing themselves to a single permanent tattoo is somewhat intimidating. However, there is an alternative. Henna tattoos are a form of temporary body art that has been practiced for millennia (but has only become popular in the United States within the last few decades). Also, it is known as Mehndi.

  • henna tattooing
    Henna Tattooing

    Coming from a south Asian tradition, henna uses a paste made from the powdered leaves of the henna plant to create a temporary tattoo.

  • henna tattoo design
    Henna tattoo design

    There are many designs and types of Henna Tattoo. Natural henna tattoos have been applied to human skin for hundreds of years.

  • How to do Henna Tattoos
    How to do Henna Tattoos

    Henna tattoos are perfect for summertime. They are natural, they are beautiful, they are temporary, and one batch of henna goes a long way!